Friday, September 12, 2014

Sam's Really Cool Experience...

When we were in Birmingham over Labor Day we ate dinner at this tiny family owned Italian restaurant in the Mountain Brook area.  Locals were in and out.  Everyone knew everyone's name.  This officer comes in and gets his order.  While he is waiting he is visiting with the hostess.  Sam was mesmerized by him and asked him a question about what was on his belt.  That led to an invitation to the police station the next day for a private tour.  Now...we weren't expecting much.  Zeb and I actually almost didn't take him.  I AM SO GLAD WE DID!!!  Thank you so much Officer Sulenski.  You have made his year!

The first part of the tour was in the jail command room.  From this room they can open and shut doors in the jail and they observe the people in the jail.  

These are the evidence lockers.

The gun room (can't remember what he called it)

 This is in the swat team room.  We learned that the swat car is an old ambulance.  This man was the breecher.  (the guy who bangs down the doors)  He showed Sam all the various equipment that a Swat team member needs.

And he waited on Sam to check his car in for the day.

He taught Sam to walk around the car and make sure there are no new dents.

To check the back to make sure there are cones, a fire extinguisher, and a tool to unlock cars.  

They had to check the sirens and the lights too, of course!

He gave Sam this cool "real" badge and told him that if he was going to wear it he had to promise to "always tell the truth and to make good choices."

 showing off his badge

Sam was appalled that I had only packed his T-shirt and not his full uniform for the trip.  The very first thing he did when we got home was to uniform up!  He's ready!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cooking School

In the middle of August, I got away with three sweet friends for a very quick 30 hour trip!  We went to Greenwood and stayed at the Alluvian.  We managed to do a tad bit of shopping, a little sleeping, but lots lots of laughing and eating!

Emily, me, Rebecca, and Kristen

Cooking School

 It was all really yummy!  I need to find some occasion where I can completely splurge and buy lobster tails and beef tenderloin!

Saturday morning, after eating a delicious breakfast we headed to Peter's and McCarty.  To be honest the McCarty lunch was just nasty!  I'm not sure what has happened to their food! However, Peter's was having their sale.  It started at 8:00.  We arrived at 11 and found a couple of treasures.  The lady that checked out in front of us spent over $2,000.  She said she does this every year and they use it in their home.  We had a hard time believing that, so we spent a while trying to figure out what she did with it all!  I mean, if you can afford $2,000 of pottery every year, wouldn't you want it not chipped????

Zeb is always so sweet to encourage me to get a way for a while and to make it happen!  The Friday night I was gone, our church had a trip to see the MS Braves play!  I stole this picture of of our church's facebook page!  
Billy Dempsey (one of our pastors) and Leigh

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4 year old preschool

this big guy started preschool a few weeks after his sisters and he was so ready!  it's hard waiting!  he has the sweetest teacher, mrs. wilson.  i know it is going to be a great year!

Monday, August 25, 2014

our friday night entertainment

zeb's medicine team that he has been working with this month came for dinner on friday night.  to say they are a talented group is an understatement.  sam was so excited about them coming.  he carried his green and orange plastic whistle around all day waiting on them.  they were kind enough to let him play a long a bit!  it was such a fun night!